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What do you do to Balance Your Mental Wellness?

Mental health is about knowing how to cope with stressful situations and achieving balance in your life. Mental wellness is just as important as your physical health.





Struggling With Mental Health?

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide or self-harm, call the Local Crisis Call Center at 800-468-4357 or text the Crisis Text Line (text 4HOPE to 741 741). You can also text or call 988. All services are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All conversations are confidential.

News & Updates

Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition

May 14, 2024
Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition: Advocating for Mental Health Awareness and Support The Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition (FCSPC) is a coalition dedicated to serving the residents of Williams, Henry, Defiance, and Fulton counties. With a mission to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and enhance help-seeking behaviors aimed at suicide prevention, FCSPC stands as a beacon […]

Serenity Spring

May 9, 2024
Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio – Serenity Spring Serenity Spring is an 8 bed Women’s Recovery Home that is abstinence based. The Recovery Home is located just outside Wauseon city limits. It provides stable and sober housing for adult women. Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio (RSNWO) provide both substance use disorder and mental health treatment […]

Mental Health Tips for Caregivers

March 29, 2024
According to the Mayo Clinic, one out of every three adults is a caregiver for someone they love. Caregivers assist others with daily needs, such as an ill spouse/partner, someone with a disability, children, or an aging friend or relative. Some people even have professions that require caregiving. While caregiving can be a rewarding experience […]
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