Agency Spotlight – Ohio Guidestone

Agency Spotlight – Ohio Guidestone Ohio Guidestone offers a variety of programs and services to support the need for mental health care in our communities.  These services include outpatient mental health counseling and outpatient psychiatric services.  Ohio Guidestone is also now a Certified Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). CCBHC promotes timely access to mental health care. […]

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Agency Spotlight: National Alliance on Mental Illness -NAMI Four County OH What services does NAMI offer? NAMI Four County is an affiliate of the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for those affected by mental illness. NAMI offers FREE educational classes, monthly programs, and support groups to individuals and families. […]

Weathering the Storm: Understanding Seasonal Depression and Strategies for Resilience

As the seasons change, some individuals may find themselves grappling with the impact of weather on their mental well-being. Seasonal depression, often associated with the colder, darker months, can affect a significant number of people. In this post, we’ll explore who is at risk, and provide insights on how to decrease that risk, as well […]

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Navigating Post-Holiday Financial Stress

Navigating Post-Holiday Financial Stress: Practical Tips for a Smoother Path The holiday season often leaves us with cherished memories, but it can also bring a financial hangover. If you find yourself facing post-holiday financial stress, consider these practical tips to regain control:  Assess the Damage: Start by reviewing your holiday spending. Create a detailed list of […]

Navigating Grief During the Holiday Season

Navigating grief during the holiday season Navigating the holiday season while grieving can be incredibly challenging, and we want to offer additional strategies to help you find moments of peace and solace: Create a Memory Jar: Encourage family and friends to write down cherished memories or messages to your loved one. Read them together as […]

Agency Spotlight: Maumee Valley Guidance Center

Agency Spotlight: Maumee Valley Guidance Center   Maumee Valley Guidance Center (MVGC) has a variety of programs and services to support the need for mental health care in our communities. MVGC’s services include: Individual, family, and group therapy for the entire age spectrum Substance use treatment including therapy, groups, and MAT (medication-assisted treatment) Star Behavioral Health […]

Agency Spotlight: Survivors After Suicide Support Group

Survivors After Suicide Support Group Did you lose someone you love to suicide?  Survivors of suicide are people who have lost a loved one to suicide. “Losing a loved one to suicide is difficult and can come with a lot of complicated emotions. There is support available to help survivors of suicide loss like you, […]

Agency Spotlight | Four County ADAMhs Board

Mental health plays a huge role in everyone’s lives. It can affect a person’s work, family life, relationships, and even their health. It is estimated by the National Institute of Mental Health that one in five adults will experience symptoms of a mental illness in their lifetime. When these symptoms occur, people may struggle to […]

Connect With Others to Prevent a Crisis or Support Your Loved Ones

It’s National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. All people experience troubling times at some points in their lives. Feeling supported by a friend or family member through tough times is an important way to prevent serious mental health outcomes like self-harm or suicide. Knowing how to talk to your loved ones when they are experiencing mental […]

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