Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition: Advocating for Mental Health Awareness and Support

The Four County Suicide Prevention Coalition (FCSPC) is a coalition dedicated to serving the residents of Williams, Henry, Defiance, and Fulton counties. With a mission to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and enhance help-seeking behaviors aimed at suicide prevention, FCSPC stands as a beacon of hope and education in Northwest Ohio.

Community Involvement and Strategies

The FCSPC collaborates with a wide range of individuals and organizations across diverse sectors within the community to amplify its impact. These stakeholders include survivors of suicide loss, schools, healthcare providers, health departments, mental health agencies, and various other entities committed to suicide prevention. FCSPC uses local strategies, such as the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, Stomp the Stigma, Lunch & Learns, media campaigns, and other local events as part of its proactive approach. The group’s primary focus lies in promoting education and awareness of mental health issues, distributing suicide prevention information, and providing readily accessible local resources. By educating about warning signs and offering vital resources, FCSPC gives people the tools to reach out for support. They spark conversations in the community, making it easier to talk about mental health and find help when it’s needed.

Get Involved

Interested in joining forces with FCSPC? You’re invited! FCSPC hosts monthly meetings where updates from agencies are shared and community members brainstorm ways to make a difference. You can also connect with FCSPC online. Check out the organization’s Facebook page and website to learn about local data, events, and initiatives. FCSPC also accepts donations, enabling them to further their mission and expand their reach.



For those interested in attending FCSPC meetings, they are held at the Four County ADAMhs Board on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 am. Virtual attendance options are also available; email Karen for a link.

Together, we can break the silence, end the stigma, and pave the way for a brighter future where mental health is a priority.