Relax 4 Your Mental Health

Everyone can benefit from taking time to relax. Relaxation decreases the effects of stress on your body & mind, helps you cope, and alleviates long-term consequences of stress. Use these tips to find new, simple ways to relax.

Watering vegetable garden in early Spring.

Relaxation Techniques

Practice Relaxation Breathing: Learn some basic breathing exercise like box breathing or pursed lip breathing

Stretch Your Muscles: During times of stress, our muscles become tense. Stretching can help relieve that tension

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is an intense awareness of the moment you are experiencing. For example, drinking a warm cup of coffee: take the time to notice your fingers curved around the cup and the warmth of the cup, breathe in the smell of your coffee before taking a sip, feel the way the liquid warmth travels down you throat. Mindfulness helps us slow down and live in the moment.

Relax in Nature: There are undeniable benefits for your mental health when you spend time in nature. Take time to savor the scenery, wander in the wilderness, look up at the sky, and even sleep beneath the starts. This will allow your mind to slow down and relax.

Reach out for Help: It’s okay to ask for help. Maybe it’s a chat with a friend over something that you are struggling with, or scheduling time with a therapist to find new ways to conquer negative thinking or learn new coping skills. Reaching our for help is an important step to help you balance your mental health.

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