As the holiday season approaches, it is important to remember the importance of setting healthy boundaries. By setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, you are protecting yourself from being hurt, both emotionally and maybe even physically. Healthy boundaries allow you to conserve your emotional energy and increase your self-esteem. Overall, setting healthy boundaries this holiday season can not only boost your mental health, but can also make your relationships healthier.

Setting boundaries can be challenging – we can sometimes feel guilty or uncomfortable when setting boundaries, especially when we are used to saying “yes” or letting things that make us uncomfortable slide. This can especially be true when setting boundaries with our close family members, especially our kids. However, healthy boundaries are an important part of all of our relationships.

What does setting healthy boundaries look like?

  • Be self-aware: In order to set boundaries, you have to know what that will look like for you. Reflect on what your limits, needs, and values are before trying to set any boundaries.
  • Be consistent: For boundaries to be beneficial, you have to be consistent. Letting someone cross your boundaries one day and enforcing them the next sends mixed signals. It is important to stick to your boundaries and be respectful when enforcing them.
  • Set an example: Setting healthy boundaries can encourage others to do the same. For parents, setting boundaries also teaches kids skills like problem solving, patience, and responsibility. Alternatively, respecting the boundaries of other people is an important part of building healthy relationships.

Prioritizing your boundaries can improve your mental health, strengthen your relationships, and improve your self-worth. Setting boundaries takes time, consistency, and practice, so remember to be patient with yourself this holiday season.

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