Connect 4 Your Mental Health

 Did you know that spending time with loved ones can be good for your mental health? It can increase your sense of belonging, boost your happiness, reduce your stress, and even encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Being physically present with someone encourages positive well-being and offers support through life’s challenges. This New Year, set a goal to ‘connect’ with others more often. Your mind will thank you.

Nurture healthy relationships using these tips:

  • Get involved. If you are struggling to make connections, try a new activity or group in your community. Attend a club, volunteer, join a fitness class, visit free events at the library, attend performances, or join a local organization. Try something new.
  • Reach out. Call or text supportive friends or family and let them know that you would like to be in touch more often. Think about the interests you share. Arrange to have coffee or a meal, listen to music, attend an event, or play a game.
  • Schedule time with a loved one. Get a date on the calendar. Life can get busy, but by scheduling time, you are more likely to follow through.
  • Manage your commitments. Relationships are built on trust. It is important to follow through on your commitment to spend time together. Be honest with what you can handle and set healthy boundaries.
  • Spend quality time together. Practice active listening. Be present. Limit use of your phone and other distractions. Share how much you appreciate your friends and family with them – they may not know.

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Crisis Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-800-468-4357 (1-800-GOT-HELP) or by dialing the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 988.

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